Advantages Of Upgrading To Herculist Plus GOLD? by William R. Nabaza of
Advantages Of Upgrading To Herculist Plus GOLD? by William R. Nabaza of

So you're not getting enough promotion or what they call as email marketing campaigns? Why not adapt the usage of Herculist Plus and get a bonus cash of U.S.$5.00 right now in your account when you join in

They say one of the valuable stone and considered a wealth is gold, then I'm asking you why settle for less? Why not? What's stopping you? Settle for gold this 2020 and beyond.

Here are ten advantages and features of Herculist Plus GOLD, you are taking advantage of when you upgrade now.

1. Daily HTML or plain text email/web ad submitted to 91,218 real people members will receive from you daily html or plain text as you wanted it to be.

2. Blurbs or Blurbing your solo ad for 1,000 Characters.

3. Free gets 1 and GOLD gets 10 MonsterBLURBs

4. Personalization option that you can include the firstname/lastname of your recipients.

5. 50% referral commission when your referral upgrades. This is the most important for me and for you.

6. Surf timers are only set 5 seconds. Be 50% ahead of the competition.

7. theZONE Traffic Exchange gives you 1:1 ratio. 1 click = 1 visitor how about that?

8. This is really something nasty, you get to send to all members everyday but you don't get any emails at all by setting on vacation mode forever.

9. Ad credits are 35 credits and your ad comes in bold letters.

10. You get U.S.$5.00 bonus for new members only.

Upgrade now and experience the new, hybrid viral mailer/safelist since 2001.

HERCULIST enables you to email market your solo ads everyday to 91,000++ and growing rapidly, and this email tool, viral mailer and safelist rolled into one can really make a huge difference in your email marketing and/or email campaigns. Try upgrading for a lifetime GOLD license.